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How Should Businesses Utilize Social Media Marketing During Quarantine?

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

You might already be familiar with Coronavirus (Covid-19.)

And the sad reality is that it’s spreading at a rapid rate.

"According to a recent study, we are witnessing nearly 13,000 new cases per day.

Not only is this virus spreading at such a massive rate, but it’s the sole reason why the global stock markets have crashed."

1. Don’t Exploit The Situation

The first thing that I am witnessing is that the people are scared to death.

Supplies all across the world are running low.

Right from toilet paper to masks to hand sanitizers as well as various daily necessities, I am currently witnessing marketers all across the world buying all of these items in lot and reselling all of them on eBay as well as running ads at a 10x-50x price.

Let me tell you that this isn’t marketing or entrepreneurship.

It’s my sincere request to avoid making a quick buck out of this situation.

With various countries asking its citizens to stay at home, brands, as well as various marketers, are scared to death about the fate of their businesses.

Don’t worry! You are not in it alone.

It’s true that we shouldn’t stress much on Coronavirus and try to take advantage of the situation.

However, it’s really important for you to stay in touch with your audience and provide them with regular updates during such hard times.

People all across the world are currently in their homes, spending innumerable hours on social media channels.

And let me tell you that if you are a business or a brand, it’s really important for you to stay connected with your target audience more than ever.

And that’s exactly what we will help you with.

In this blog post, we will take a brief look at how you should equip social media marketing during quarantine in the right manner.

Well, then!

Let’s dive in.

2. Connect With The Community

At its core, social media revolves around your community: your friends, family, club acquaintances, work buddies, as well as any and every other person in your primary as well as secondary circles.

Now that people have started going into quarantine, social media’s relieving the anxiety.

Social media’s the only thing that’s helping us stay connected to the outside world.

In the past few days, we witnessed people in Sienna singing together from their homes, various Facebook groups begin their own communities in order to share stories, updates, ideas well as so much more.

Plus, video calls are playing a vital role in helping businesses, as well as families, stay connected.

And that’s exactly what you need to do.

You need to stay connected with your target audience, as well.

You need to provide them with regular updates about your businesses as well as how you can help them during this crisis.

The chances are that you wouldn't have entirely shut down your business.

Let your audience know that you are doing everything in your power to provide them with the same high-quality service during this time.

Let them know about the online tools as well as services that you have put in place to help them out.

3. Show Empathy

All of us are being affected by such a rapid spread of Coronavirus.

We are just locked in our homes, waiting for all of it to be over.

Now’s the time to show empathy to the people and let them know that you are with them during their hard times.

Don’t be too pushy or salesy.

It’s not an opportunity.

Plus, you can even contribute to various food banks as well as assist the elderly with their shopping during such hard times.

You can use social media channels to promote such good deeds.

4. Distribute Crucial & Timely Information

Covid-19 is the only thing that billions of people are talking about right now.

It’s an unprecedented event that has taken over the whole world.

People all across the world are heading over to Google and searching about “Covid-19” to keep themselves updated about the latest information.

Plus, it’s evolving at a real rapid rate.

In the past few days, we have seen cities being locked down, travel restrictions being enacted as well as various large public events being canceled to curb the spread.

At this moment, immediacy is the key.

And that’s exactly what you should provide your audience with.

Your audience is already waiting to hear from you. They would love hearing about where you currently stand in this outbreak.

Keep yourself updated about the latest information as well as updates. Share them immediately with your audience.

That’s one of the most effective ways of utilizing social media marketing during the time of this outbreak.

5. Entertainment

Aren’t we all isolated from just everyone?

Various sports institutions have shut their doors.

We've been hearing the rumors about the Olympics being canceled this year. Canada has even withdrawn its name from Olympics 2020.

Restaurants, as well as bars, have been closed.

Various production houses have even halted their productions.

This means that there aren’t various sources of entertainment right now.

And let me tell you this: Entertaining people during such hard times isn’t a bad thing to do.

Instead, you are helping them cheer themselves up.

Various people all across the world have begun binge-watching their favorite or the most-awaited Netflix shows.

But with so many people scrolling their social media feeds, it’s time you provided them with quality entertaining content as well.

Create some memes. Share those with your audience.

Engage with them in conversations.

If you have spectacular video editing skills, now’s the time to showcase it. Video marketing is still one of the latest trends in today’s world. Equip it and provide your audience with something that can cheer them up.


Times are hard.

But don’t forget that all of us are in this together.

I’d advise you to use the social media channels to help people all across the world at such hard times, rather than just promoting your products or services.

Promoting your products as well as services and being too salesy will do more harm than good.

And that’s exactly why you should provide your audience with the best content there is to help them out.


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